Focus Africa: Theological Gleanings From Around the Globe (February 18, 2017)

Focus Africa: theological gleanings around the globe is a highlight of curated articles. I try to give an African perspective on these articles to help you understand what it means to follow Christ in the 21st Century as an African.

This is probably my last post after blogging for 6 years. I failed to raise the money required for self-hosting. In a couple of days, I will be leaving for a closed nation in East Asia for the next 2+ years. Thank you for the support.

Focus Africa Theological Gleanings From Around The Globe

How to Understand Extreme Numbers

Most people can’t intuitively understand the vast difference between 1 million and 1 billion. However, 1 million seconds is 12 days and 1 billion years is 32 years. This example brings the numbers into perspective. It’s hard to understand things that are far removed from your daily experiences: theological traditions, racial injustice, refugees, poverty or numbers.

Gospel Motivations for Gospel Ministry

I love writing so I’m always reading books and blogs. I want to write like Tim Keller and blog like Tim Challies. Maybe I should change my name to Tim Sangah. But I agree with Nick Batzig, “There is a fine line between learning from others and competing with others.” However, if I want to become a better writer, I need to cultivate Gospel faithfulness, contentment, humility, diligence, and love. There’s no substitute for these five.

Immigration: A Biblical Perspective

The Bible has a lot to say about refugees but interpretations on what it means remain wider than the chasms at the Grand Canyon. Franklin Graham says the US should not accept Muslim refugees. Ralph Drollinger argues foreigners should not be allowed in the US. And Rondell Trevino says the church should love and care for the immigrants, legal or illegal. So then, what is the sound biblical theology of immigration?

The Anatomy of Charisma:What makes a person magnetic and why we should be wary

People love charismatic speakers. They can win a difficult audience with their charm and can make them drown in tears if they will. But students exposed to charismatic speakers remember far less than those exposed to the non-charismatic speakers. I guess that probably answers why biblical illiteracy has become endemic to the US despite the growing number of impressive Christian speakers and authors.

Don’t Tell Your Friends They’re Lucky

Have you ever followed someone’s advice on success and it never worked? “The whole process of constructing life narratives is biased in ways that almost guarantee that people won’t recognize the role of chance events adequately.” As a result, no one credits luck for their success. After all, the worst enemy of the American dream isn’t communism or socialism, it’s acknowledging luck.

The Problem with Climate Change by Tim Challies

There’s a song by a popular Zimbabwean musician, Alick Macheso, that I love. Alick Macheso said some people were warned about an encroaching war by a mentally ill person and they ignored. He added, do not despise the messenger but listen to his words – usashore mhumhu, terera mashoko.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a climate change denier as much as a skeptic, at least as it pertains to the seriousness of the problem and the effectiveness of the proposed solutions,” wrote Tim Challies in his Final Call and he added, “I just haven’t been convinced.” The reason behind his skepticism, he said is the ‘hypocrisy of many of its foremost advocates’ and ‘pantheistic worldview behind so much of it.’

Let me listen to Alick Macheso, usashore mhumhu, terera mashoko.


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