Focus Africa: Theological Gleanings From Around the Globe (January 27, 2017)

Focus Africa: theological gleanings around the globe is a collection of curated articles, videos and thoughts read with Africa at heart. The aim of these posts is to promote conversion regarding theology in Africa.

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Focus Africa Theological Gleanings From Around The Globe

Will You Help Me?

I need your help. The web hosting of this blog is expiring on February 21. And I’m currently not in a financial position to renew it. Besides, it’s hard for me to make online transactions from Zimbabwe at the moment. I need help with the payment of $218 for renewing the hosting until 2020. You can contact me on WhatsApp using +1 (909) 362 9364 or email.

5 Reasons I’m Glad I Went to Seminary

Elizabeth Garn writes on the important lessons she learned in seminary. I have noticed many churches, especially Pentecostal churches, are against education. Six months ago, I heard a prominent church leader saying the church doesn’t need education but revelation knowledge. How do we promote theological education among church members in Africa?

The biggest divide between African Muslims and Christians isn’t their religion

A lot has been written about terror in the hands of Muslims in Africa. But did you know ‘Muslim women around the globe have an average of 4.9 years of schooling?’ A study by Pew Research found 65% of Muslim women in Sub-Saharan Africa have no formal education. Lack of formal education has been linked to high infant mortality, poverty, and low life expectancy. What are you going to do about it?

Ezekiel’s Wheel Ties African Spiritual Traditions to Christianity

This is an interesting article exploring when African traditional religious practices and beliefs left the enslaved African community. “Christianity had not erased traditional African spirit practices,” concluded Mark P. Leone. “It had merged with them to form a potent blend that still thrives today.” What are the implications of this observation on Christianity in Africa?

Bumper Sticker Christianity

You probably heard the saying, Christianity in Africa is a river one mile wide and one inch deep. Considering the weird things happening in churches across Africa, it’s hard to disagree. But missionaries, Todd and Annika Statham, totally disagree. Unlike the rest of the world, African Christians do not separate their faith from the rest of their lives. Hence, in most African countries, people accept a public show of faith.

The Favorite Bible Verses of 88 Nations

YouVersion collected data on the most highlighted Bible passages in different countries. The most popular verse in Africa is Jeremiah 29:11. I spent much of my Christian life in the prosperity gospel. And this was our darling verse. Therefore, does the popularity of this verse indicate anything regarding the health and wealth gospel?

Christianity in Africa



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