Focus Africa: Theological Gleanings Across the Globe (January 25, 2017)

This is a trial post on how events around the world affect Africa. Hence the name Focus Africa: theological gleanings around the globe. I will be sharing posts I find interesting and share the implication, conclusions and lessons to my beloved Africa.

Importantly, I am glad to answer any questions you have on faith, life and society in Africa. Please, submit your questions on this form.

Focus Africa Theological Gleanings From Around The Globe

Facts Are Our Friends: Why Sharing Fake News Makes Us Look Stupid and Harms Our Witness

Fake news probably affected the outcome of the USA presidential election. But in Africa, it’s affecting how people view Christianity. Before you share a news story on your church WhatsApp group, consider Ed Stetzer’s words, “If you have not, will not, or cannot confirm a story, do not share it.”

Is Your Conscience Captive to God?

The Zimbabwean population is made up of 85% Christians. And that’s embarrassing considering since Zimbabwe is the 150th least corrupt country in the world. It seems, Zimbabwean Christians have adjusted their ‘consciences to fit’ the economy. Without a Bible formed conscience the church opens up to sin and foxes.

The True History of the Gambia’s Bizarre Origin Story

Of late, the little unknown country of the Gambia has been on the news. The long sitting president of Gambia recently lost the election. But in a typical African president way, he refused to step down. If you’re among the people who had questions about the shape of Gambia this article has the answer.

Fanaticism Is Not Faith (Or: One Conversion Will Suffice)

Shaking, laughing, screaming, howling, rolling are often claimed to be spiritual manifestations in most churches in Africa. A pastor whose ministry is accompanied by these manifestations always amass a large following. ‘Emotions, agitations, or sensibilities of any sort, which do not arise from clear and conscientious perception of truth will be likely to be pernicious.’

Update on Reading the Bible in One Year

I have finished reading the book of Genesis and I am on track to finish the book of Exodus. Reading Exodus, I was amazed at the number of times God spoke. It was fun to binge listen to the book as we were driving from Harare to Karoi. I look forward to writing what I learned from the book after I finish it.

Update on the upcoming book Pew Theology: Redeeming the Gospel in Africa

I have finished writing the first draft of Pew Theology. At the moment, I am in hibernation – I will spend at least two weeks without opening the manuscript. After that, I will begin editing it. Another good news: I was asked to submit a book proposal for the project by an acquisition editor who works with books focused on Africa.



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