Year In Review: The Bottom 10 Articles Of 2016

It’s that time of the year when bloggers, radio DJs and publishers compile their top 10 articles, songs and books, respectively. I’m not going to do that this year. Instead, I’m going to break that tradition.

You probably know which articles did well on Pew Theology; How to become good in Christian theology: Tips from 21+ experts, 6 shocking things the Bible say about women you need to know, and 10 Christian books by African authors you should read. After all, you read the articles and shared them with your friends.

Thank you.

But you do not know which articles did not perform well. So, today I’m going to show you my bottom 10 articles. These are the articles few people read and no one shared.

Why didn’t these articles strike a nerve with the readers?

bottom articles 2016 at Pew Theology

10. How my book landed on Amazon’s bestseller list on prayer

Several people asked me how I ended up on the Amazon’s bestseller list. I answered their questions and send them the link. Well, most of them were too busy to read the answer to their question. Maybe, I should have answered their question on the platform they asked.

Lesson: Never answer every question people ask until you’re convinced they’re serious.

9. Church near me: 9 tips that will help you save your soul in college

I really thought this article was helpful for college students. But I should have known your demographics. From my previous survey, most of you graduated in college a long time ago. And probably you don’t even know anyone in college right now.

Lesson: A good lesson if taught to the wrong audience it’s the worst lesson.

8. 4 ways suffering and tragedy will make you know God better

I wrote this article when I was going through a prolonged period of suffering. One day, I realized that walking with God through the valley of the shadow of death made me know him better. I wanted to share with the world this discovery.

Lesson: Sometimes the lessons God teaches me in private are not meant for public consumption.

7. Help! I’m writing another Christian book

I think I should change that title to books. God willing, I am going to publish a book on Theology in Africa and my memoir in 2017. A couple of people said they’re willing to help me in the project. But very few people read the post.

Lesson: People are willing to help if you ask, but such people are few. Cherish them.

6. Can Pentecostal beliefs make you a syncretic Christian?

I thought this article was awesome but rereading it I can see no one shared it. The argument was poorly constructed – my bad. And very few people are interested in understanding tongue-speaking believers.

Lesson: It’s virtuous to structure my arguments and organize my thoughts well.

5. Family worship: how to boost your effectiveness and consistency in 7 weeks

Probably I over-promised in this article. This article was a guide on how to lead family worship using regular Bible reading. The heading didn’t say that, so few people read the article.

Lesson: Say what you want to say and remember to Keep It Simple Stupid.

4. It’s hard to understand the Bible and that’s great. This is why

I really believe the Bible is hard to understand so that we can dwell in it more. But most people didn’t agree so they did not read it. Or the title was too clickbaity – I hate clickbaits.

Lesson: Just return to the fundamentals, keep it WYSIWYG, What You See Is What You Get.

3. Happy wedding anniversary, Surprise!

It doesn’t matter only 66 people read this article. My wife did and she loved it. It was the third-best anniversary gift I gave her this year. You probably don’t know what the first and second were.

Lesson: It doesn’t matter how many people read the post as long as the right people read.

2. Of Bible translation woes and Bible shortage woes

While people were arguing about the ESV permanent text, some people were struggling to find the Bible in their own language. I thought this article was a call to action. My hope was to find people who could help me buy Bibles for marginalized communities in Zimbabwe.

Lesson: If you need help say it because people might not understand your insinuations.

1. Humility: being right can make you arrogant

How true because the best article I ever wrote in 2016 is the worst article. What a wonderful way to teach me the value of humility. I thought this post would go viral. In this post, I confessed my problem with pride and arrogance.

Lesson: The best lesson is a lesson you learn, even if it’s an egg in your face.

Which articles I wrote did you find disturbing and why? Let’s talk about them and laugh about it.



  1. “Only 66 people” read an article? Shoot, that’s a great post for me. šŸ™‚ Keep perspective! And you’re right…it doesn’t matter how many readers we get. All that matters is that God is glorified in the 66.



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