Happy Wedding Anniversary, Surprise!

It’s our wedding anniversary, today. And Surprise insists we have only been married for 5 years. No, she’s wrong, it’s 6 years.


Wedding Anniversary: Church conference at ZITF


It seems like 6 days ago when we stood in front of the church and exchanged vows. Her face covered with a veil, while I was covered in joy and wonder. I was lost in imaginations.

Was the smile that sends a grumpy kid to a deep peaceful sleep still there? Were her laughing eyes soaked in joy or doubt? Maybe that’s why the bride is veiled, to keep the groom struck by a bolt of anticipation.

It’s now 6 years. And I think I have found some of the answers. But I will continue to search for more.

How I met your mother: A Wedding Anniversary Special


Wedding Anniversary 8 (1)


You know all those romantic novel unbelievable stories; heart skips a bit, subconscious lovestruck staring, mouth wide open in awe, legs colonized by uncontrollable tremors, it all happened to me when I first met Surprise 7 years ago.

And I immediately made a short prayer to God.

“Father, forgive me for I have sinned against you. I have just committed fornication by looking at that girl lustfully.”

This is not a joke.

I actually made that prayer. And I think the heavens erupted into a holy thunderous laughter. The Triune God had to intervene, but it took six months.

A few years back, I read about how some marriages end up in divorce because the couples confused infatuation with love. The study suggested that infatuation normally fades after six months. As a result, I decided I keep my distance from her for six months.

After six months, we started talking, I visited her at her college, and we did all the stuff friends do. Three months later we started dating, and that was in November. The next April, I went to her village to pay lobola. Then the rest is history.

I married Superwoman


Wedding anniversary: Disney land with kids


I used to wonder why the Bible says (Proverbs 18:22), “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.” Why did the wise king say when you find a wife you obtain favor from God?

This is what happened to me.

I grew up as an orphan. My brothers and I used to scavenge trash cans in the neighborhood for soap, toothpaste and body lotion. My uncles, although rich, thought to pay for my tuition wasted their money.

God was gracious to me and I graduated with a first degree. When I got married, I got a scholarship to study in the US. Six years later, I got a Ph.D. and my wife is still on my side.

In the US, my wife worked in retail stores and warehouses to feed the family. At one time, she left home at 5 am and came back at 11:30 pm. I obtained favor from God indeed.

For more than 9 months, I was on a job hunt. The efforts proved fruitless, but my wife never stopped to encourage me. Without her, I would have quit after 5 applications. But together we quitted after at least 1,300 applications.

We have been through worse. Betrayal. Lack. And misunderstandings. But God’s amazing grace kept us together.

5 ways I received favor from God


Happy Wedding Anniversary: Graduation party

Through this favor, I remember watching the sunset riding a bought across the splendor of Lake Kariba holding her hand. We got lost in the beauty of marriage and a mysterious life ahead.

Through this favor, I remember looking at my beautiful wife as she walked at LAX. She carried my son, who I had never met.

Through this favor, I remember holding her hands as we saw an ocean for the first time. Our hearts marveled at its vast expanse spreading to the nothingness in the horizons.

Through this favor, I remember sitting on a bench in the UCR botanical gardens as we held hands. We lipsynched a popular love song without any cares or worry.

Through this favor, I remember walking down the podium wearing a graduation gown. And I heard our last born son shouting as she held him in her hands, “That’s my daddy!”

It took me 6 years to understand what God meant by obtaining favor from the Lord. And I’m glad that every day, I continue to learn what it means. I have obtained favor from God.

Happy Wedding Anniversary, nantwa!



  1. Edmond my friend, I celebrate 🙌 this special season of your 6 anniversary with you. Congratulations! I thank God you are encountering and overcoming the usual challenges that make every marital victory sweet. Pls tell Surprise I congratulate you both for this milestone. You have found a good thing indeed and obtained God’s favour.
    We have hit our 10th anniversary this year and I tell you God is very faithful! It’s been a decade of real blessings.
    Blessings to you.



  2. Woow this is a great and awesome story. May you continue to shine and may your marriage be renewed every morning as are His mercies.



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