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To follow Jesus Christ in the 21st century is challenging. And there are hundred thousands of Christian blogs available to help you at your fingertips. And Naked Christian is one of them. But this blog is different. It isn’t for everyone.

This blog is not for Christians who have everything figured out, who have all the answers to all the life questions, who only wants to find someone to agree or disagree with. If you’re this person, then Naked Christian is not for you.

But if you want to be part of my journey as I learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in the 21st century, then you’ve found the right place.

What does it mean to follow Jesus Christ in the 21st century?


Do not write to be read. Write to help.

Do not write to be read. Write to help


Why do I write about following Jesus Christ in the 21st century?

I do not want to write to win an argument. To convince you to believe what I believe. And to prove to you how much I know about the Bible. No.

I write to point you to Jesus

I write to talk to someone about the beauty and simplicity of having unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. To share my struggles, my doubts, and my fears. And how the Holy Spirit guides me each day as he reminds me of how much the Father loves me.

Sometimes, I get tempted by the lure of being famous, viral, becoming an influencer or getting a book contract. But in the past two and a half years, my wife taught me an important lesson. The timeless lesson has become my writing motto.

Do not write to be read. Write to help.

When I write to be read I open myself to temptations. I begin to compare myself to other Christian authors and bloggers. I long for the size of the audience they have. And wield as much influence as they have.

But the moment I am wrapped up in jealousy, I lose sight of the reason why God called me to be a writer. Yet, when I focus on writing to help, I make myself available to God. And God will use me as his servant to serve you.

I write from personal experiences

I write because I have learned that the things I went through in life testify of God’s glory. I believe my testimony can be a source of encouragement to people who’re going through the same struggles.

If you lost your parents as a teenager, struggle with poverty, suffered rejection, ever doubted God or blamed God for your misfortune, I know how it feels.

This blog is for you. I lost both my parents before I graduated from junior high. My young brothers and I used to look for body lotion and toothpaste from trash cans in the neighborhood. That is just a small snapshot of my life, I used to hate God for it. But now I realize it a story about Jesus Christ’s love.

I would like to share that story with you.


What do I write about?

When I started blogging I wanted to write for everyone. I wanted more traffic. I wanted more subscribers. And I wanted people to like, share and comment on my articles.

Not anymore.

After taking a break from writing and reading Christian books and Christian blogs for 30 days I had a rude awakening. I had been part of Christian books and blogs  baloney.  This is why:

  • wanted to prove to the world I was right and everyone else was wrong.
  • read a book or listened to a prominent theologian and blogged about how awesome the theologian was.
  • sycophantically wrote about what has been written by other writers trying to be part of their elite group.
  • I was like an estranged spouse writing about how evil other writers were.

After looking at all the 280 posts I published between November 2014 and April 2016, I deleted 253. I wrote Christian baloney. Do you know why? Because I wanted to fit in, I wanted to reach more people and I wanted people to approve me.

Do not write to be read. Write to help.

Would you allow me to write like me?

So, I tried to write regularly like Tim Challies, I tried to do weekly round ups like Nick MacDonald, I tried to be thorough like writers from Desiring God, I tried to be informed like the Christian bloggers at The Gospel Coalition. And I forgot I am Edmond Sanganyado.

I grew up in Zimbabwe. I was raised by a single mom who passed away before her own 40th birthday. I love talking about the diverse African cultures, Christian books, chemistry and how they affect how we view God.

I don’t have a seminary degree. I’m not Tim Challies, Kevin DeYoung, Al Mohler or Timothy Keller. I’m Edmond Sanganyado.

When God called me, he knew I was different. He knew some people will not listen to me because of my background and personal experiences. He also knew they’re people who can only be reached through me because of that background.

Instead of writing Christian baloney to win readers and respect among Christian writers, I choose to serve you. I choose to go slow. I choose to reach one person per day. I choose to be faithful to God in a transparent way. If you see any of my articles shifting from this goal, please do not hesitate to remind me.

The 3 things I write about

1. Following Jesus Christ as an African in the 21st century

I write about the challenges of following Christ as an African. How the African culture can be either an obstacle or a prop in your growth in the knowledge of Christ. I believe God wants us to see that no culture can withhold his glory.

Examples of previous articles include:

2. Growing in Christ through Christian books

I love books. And I love talking about the great things I learn from them. But I won’t be writing your typical book reviews. I will be challenging the theses in the Christian books with the realities faced by African believers. Should an African bother read the book?

Examples of previous reviews include:

3. Theology for everyone

I love Bible exposition. After Christ found me and redeemed me, the Holy Spirit taught me how to study the Bible. But after reading many Christian theology books, I dumped the technique God taught me. I am going back to that, that is probing scriptures and using scriptures to probe my life that the word of God can be beneficial to me.

Examples of previous articles include:


Do you want to know how to follow Jesus Christ in the 21st Century?

If you believe the direction that Naked Christian taking aligns with what God is saying to you, praise God. I need your support in prayer. I don’t need any financial assistance from anyone. If this is from God then God will sustain it.

All I long for is for you and me to faithfully follow Jesus Christ despite our cultural, economical, social and financial difference. We’re one in Christ.

when you’re clear that God wants your friends to hear what God taught me. How about only sharing after praying?

Christian blogs can easily end being spammy. I received an email from a wonderful guy who told me my blog was quickly becoming spammy. He wanted me to know he was unsubscribing. I believe in zero-inbox, so if you subscribed to this blog, please unsubscribe.

Naked Christian no longer has email subscriptions.

How will you find my articles?

People normally search on Google if they have a problem. I am going to take it slow. I am going to keep on writing until my articles appear on a search engine. I am no longer in a rush to be out there. I only want Jesus Christ to be out there.

If you want to be part of my journey, I suggest you use Feedly and add this blog to your feed [use this link]. I have also decided to stick to a writing schedule. Here it is.

  • Sunday– Bible study, topical, character or verse study.
  • Wednesday– Redeeming African traditions, practices, and beliefs through the gospel.
  • Friday– A probe on Christian literature on applicability to the African context.

I hope you will be part of my journey as I learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ as an African in the 21st century. God bless you.



  1. Well said Edmond. Your wife and mine would get along great as mine dispenses the same advice to me. Stay strong in the Lord my friend.



  2. Greetings Edmond,

    My name is Lydia Hoyle — P&R Publishing’s marketing associate. It is a pleasure to meet you. I tried to email you with the address on your contact page, but there was an error.

    I stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love it!

    I was wondering if you are willing to do any book reviews for our publications.

    If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    Thank you for your time.

    Lydia Hoyle



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