The Morning Routine That Will Make You More Fruitful. 9 Simple Tips

What is a morning routine? A morning routine are a set of activities that you do before you start your day. The first hour after you wake up can make or break your day.

It’s 6 am, and the alarm buzzes off. Snooze. Then doze. 15 minutes later. Another buzz. Annoyed you woke up.

You think:

If only I could get two more hours of sleep I will rest. If only I could do all the stuff expected of me on time and perfectly I will be happy. If only I could spend more time with my family and friends I will be more peaceful.

You’re looking for happiness, peace and rest. That’s great. But you’re looking for them at wrong places.

Sleep won’t give you rest, productivity doesn’t guarantee happiness and your social life isn’t the path to peace.

The minutes from the moment you open your eyes and they second you open the curtains of your house reveal everything about your priorities.

They tell your personal story with honesty and candidness that cannot be matched: what are your personal values; who’re the people that really matter in your life; where you want to be in the next 20 years.

Your morning routine is simply your personal statement or life plan in 3D. Each morning you act out the things you find meaning, satisfaction, freedom, and identity on your bed, on your phone and in your mind.

You have surrendered your life to things that are temporal. Can your Facebook Reactions sustain you in the day of sorrow? After all, they are reactions, they can’t console you in pain, give you a shoulder when you cry or sing you to sleep when you mourn.

I had to make amends when I discovered how I have surrendered my life to things that do not matter really. I was listening to The Practice The Presence of God by Brother Lawrence when a thought struck me, “Why am I not experiencing the peace of God in every aspect of my life?”

This Is the Worst Morning Routine You Ever Seen

A quick audit of my morning routine revealed a sad state of my spiritual life. I was spiritually lukewarm. Forget the encouraging posts I wrote, the people God reached through the words He gave me. I was a mess.

This is what I found.

4:00 am– I wake up and pounce on my phone

4:10 am– I am checking my emails

4:30 am– I open Pocket and read recommended articles

5:00 am– I write between 800 and 1,000 words for this blog

6:00 am– I go to and read new questions and answers on content creation and marketing

6:30 am– I open Facebook and WhatsApp, read through the posts, comments, and messages

7:00 am– I am tired and need to catch a nap but open Kindle

7:45 am– I should be preparing for school

8:30 am– I am done bathing, packed my bag and I leave for school

Something was very, very, very, very WRONG.

4 Dangerous Paths Your Morning Routines Should Avoid

My morning habits pointed out four paths I was taking that were destructive. I thought I could find happiness, rest and peace through philosophy, pleasure, possessions and productivity. Martin Thielen captured well my morning routine in his new book Searching For Happiness:

Late in his life, the writer of Ecclesiastes realized that the four paths he had spent his life traveling – the paths of philosophy, pleasure, possessions, and productivity – were ultimately bankrupt in terms of producing happiness. They could not satisfy; they could not offer contentment. Each path promised far more than it could deliver.

1. Pursuit of Philosophy

In 2016, I read 30 books in 60 days. I spent my mornings reading books and writing reviews. To what end? I wanted to know more.

2. Pursuit of Pleasure

I rooted my joy in Leicester City and Barcelona FC. I woke up weekend mornings and watch soccer for 120 minutes. To what end? I wanted the thrills of anxious moments and the joys of watching my team win.

3. Pursuit of Possessions

I bought books I might never read, I upgraded this blog, I enrolled for online classes on Bible Interpretation, Writing and Inbound Marketing. To what end? I wanted to possess a certificate that testify of my expertise.

4. Pursuit of Productivity

I wrote 1,000 words in the morning, read about blogging better, prepared my thesis. To what end? I want my blog to be the best, I want to succeed in my studies and everything I do.

The Preacher walked through my path many centuries ago and has wise words for me:

I considered all that my hands had done and the toil I had expended in doing it, and behold, all was vanity and a striving after wind, and there was nothing to be gained under the sun. Ecclesiastes 2:11

9 Simple Quotes That Will Make Your Morning Habits Better

your morning routine reveal who you are and what you want in life

Reading Brother Lawrence offered me important insight on what a redeemed morning routine should look like. Seeing glimpses of Christ’s morning routine is inspiring me to make amends.

I would like to share with 9 quotes from Practice of the Presence of God that are helping me transform my morning routine. The goal of a successful morning routine is not for you to grow but know Christ.

Growth is only a result of knowing Him. A good morning routine focuses on knowing Christ. Nothing more.

1. Surrender Your Work to Christ

That when he began his business, he said to GOD, with a filial trust in Him, “O my GOD, since Thou art with me, and I must now, in obedience to Thy commands, apply my mind to these outward things, I beseech Thee to grant me the grace to continue in Thy Presence; and to this end do Thou prosper me with Thy assistance, receive all my works, and possess all my affections.

2. Affixed Your Mind on Christ

I made this my business as much all the day long as at the appointed times of prayer; for at all times, every hour, every minute, even in the height of my business, I drove away from my mind everything that was capable of interrupting my thought of GOD. Such has been my common practice ever since I entered in religion; and, though I have done it very imperfectly, yet I have found great advantages by it.

3. Take Captive of all Your Thoughts

That in his trouble of mind, he had consulted nobody, but knowing only by the light of faith that GOD was present, he contented himself with directing all his actions to Him, i.e., doing them with a desire to please Him, let what would come of it. That useless thoughts spoil all: that the mischief began there; but that we ought to reject them, as soon as we perceived their impertinence to the matter in hand, or our salvation; and return to our communion with GOD.

4. Find Your Rest in God Alone

This doesn’t mean we must ignore the duties of the world forever; that would be impossible. Let prudence be our guide. However, I do believe that it is a common mistake of Spirit-filled people not to leave the cares of the world periodically to praise God in their spirits and to rest in the peace of His divine presence for a few moments.

5. Pray Without Ceasing

That we should establish ourselves in a sense of GOD’s Presence, by continually conversing with Him. That it was a shameful thing to quit His conversation to think of trifles and fooleries.

6. Surrender Your Life to Christ

That we ought to give ourselves up to GOD, with regard both to things temporal and spiritual, and seek our satisfaction only in the fulfilling of His will, whether he lead us by suffering or by consolation, for all would be equal to a soul truly resigned.

7. Find Your Comfort in Repentance

That all possible kinds of mortification, if they were void of the love of GOD, could not efface a single sin. That we ought, without anxiety, to expect the pardon of our sins from the Blood of JESUS CHRIST, only endeavoring to love Him with all our hearts. That GOD seemed to have granted the greatest favors to the greatest sinners, as more signal monuments of his mercy.

8. Strive to Know Jesus

How happy we would be if we could find the treasure of which the Gospel speaks; all else would be as nothing. As it is boundless, the more you search for it the greater the riches you will find; let us search unceasingly and let us not stop until we have found it.

9. Strive Against Human Nature

Do not be discouraged by the resistance you will encounter from your human nature; you must go against your human inclinations. Often, in the beginning, you will think that you are wasting time, but you must go on, be determined and persevere in it until death, despite all the difficulties.

What is the one thing in your life that is hindering you from experiencing the presence of God in your life daily? Is it your phone? Let’s talk about it.



  1. This is so very true – thank you for the reminder. I am often up in the night with chronic pain and I fill the time with reading blogs or playing computer games. You have given me a push to spend the time with God instead – maybe then I will get back to sleep faster!



  2. I love this post! I need to make it a habit of waking earlier and praying, reading my devotional, and doing yoga to connect myself to God and calm my mind. I recently did a fast from social media (which I talked about on my blog), and I want to go back to it! Unless I have something to post, I really don’t need to waste God’s precious time on it 🙂



  3. Great post! I read daily readings from my smart phone, beginning when I first wake up in the morning. I use it as a tool and I spend more time with bible readings, study this way.



  4. Wonderful post! A Godly young man once posted the first thing we should reach for every morning is a Word from God, not FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress Reader, but His Word. That convicted me and so far, as soon as I awake, I start talking (praying) to the Lord then I open His Word. Ah such peace I have in my heart daily!



    1. After reading Practice of the Presence of God I went online to search of this guy was real. Yep, he was a real person and that convinced me nothing can stop me from having a similar relationship with God.



  5. This was so timely!!! I have been wondering why of late my days felt like I’m constantly having to drag my feet to work.. I have been feeling tired and not just physically but overall as well… So always stressed… And during this week I have been realising it is because I’m lacking Christ. He hasn’t been my all in all and I haven’t been seeking Him first or seeking Him at all. But I am so grateful that our Lord He loves us.. This week I have been challenged to know Him and know Him deeper in our weekly bible study meetings as well as reading this post.. I’ve heard of that book but haven’t the chance to read it! Practicing His presence is something I need to take seriously… And oh it is like David when he said,

    O God, You are my God;
    Early will I seek You;
    My soul thirsts for You;
    My flesh longs for You
    In a dry and thirsty land
    Where there is no water.

    May it be like that with me too.. Thank you for this!




  6. As I read this I was reminded of something I heard just recently: just as fresh manna was needed each morning, so we also need a fresh dose of God each morning! Great article and so very true!



  7. sometimes it will be my mind before my phone that will get to the better of me…like i left a post-it note for my anxieties to be reminded first thing.

    If His words do not reside in me…my anxieties will torment me.

    As much as we find “morning devotions” as a duty, an obligation, or a chore – i look at it as a gift. God wants to spend time WITH ME with HIS WORDS that are ALIVE AND ACTIVE.

    so whether it’s a sentence or a chapter…He gets His way Word-wise in my life …and it gives me hope and grace to move onward…

    it’s like God slips a better love letter to answer to the anxiety post-it note in my head.

    Altar & Well



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